Wanna know more about how we can get you in major news outlets faster than you can teach your pup how to raise its hand?

Below are answers to all the questions you might have and more.


How is payment processed?

You can pay using Paypal or a credit card during checkout. Payment information via card is verified and secured by Stripe.

Can I list these features ‘As Seen On’ on my site, book, or ebook? 

Absolutely! Once your feature has been published you can share it anywhere. On your website, business card, book, etc.

Are there any topics / businesses that are not accepted?

(a) alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party,

(b) alleges breach of contract on the part of another party, or otherwise threatens any party with litigation, or

(c) makes false or misleading claims regarding the identified sponsor or any third party or the products or services of the identified sponsor of any third party.

1) Adult / nudity or relevant content.

2) Betting / gambling or relevant content.

3) Buying likes, followers and views for social media websites.

4) HopLinks, affiliate marketing links or relevant websites selling products / ebooks on get-rich quick schemes, FOREX trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols. (including weight-loss products and nutritional supplements like garcinia cambogia, forskolin & etc).

5) Website Links flagged as potential malware threats.

6) Music video/audio, podcast, etc. with parental advisory/explicit warning.

7) Content related to Payday Loans / Credit scores / reports / ratings

8) Content related to Bail Bonds

9) Content with derogatory statements about other companies.

10) Erectile dysfunction & related or breast enhancement/enlargement or even the massage centers.

11) Phone unlock content.

• Marijuana/cannabis/CBD/hemp

• Crypto Currency or Coins

• Politics

• Explosives

• Guns

• Weapons

• Alcohol

• Illicit Drugs

• Tobacco

• Cosmetic procedures and body modification

• Dating

• Adult and Sex

• Sexual reproducing

How long does getting featured take?

5 days if you provide us a written feature and we publish it, or 7 days if you want us to write the article then publish it. This does not include time for revisions if any are needed. 

Do you offer white label services?

Yes! Please email us at for more information.

Can I promote affiliate links?

We can use up to 5 links in your feature. We cannot include direct affiliate links within the feature itself but can link a landing page containing your affiliate link.

How can I get verified on social media?

Getting featured in the press is a huge part of the verification process!

Social media sites require you to provide news articles to prove that you are a person of interest.

To help you get verified, we can help feature your brand in top news outlets with live links so you can give social media sites the proof they need.

It's important to understand that social media sites consider many factors during the verification process, so our service cannot guarantee verification. But we can give you the edge you need in the verification process.

When applying for verification, you should ensure your profile is complete and has been active for some time. Only use links to publications like Digital Journal, AZ Central, and Daily Herald that don't use "sponsored content" labels. And finally, make sure your account is secured with multi-factor authentication.

Will each news site receive a different feature?

No. We write one feature that is published on 200+ news sites. If you would like to cover multiple topics you could always sign up for our subscription program where you get monthly features!


What do you need to write my feature?

  • Few sentences on what you want to focus on and highlight in the feature.

  • Who is your target audience?

  • 1-2 sentence quote to use in the press release (If any)

  • Keywords or focus words (if any)

  • Image or Logo PNG

  • Website link

  • Social media links

  • Company Name

  • Address

  • Country

  • Contact details (phone number and email)

  • Contact person Full Name

Will you write the feature or do I need to?

If you are a skilled writer and would like to craft your own feature you can use our ‘Premier Package’. If you would like our skilled team of writers to prepare your feature our ‘Classic and Deluxe Packages’ offer PR writing and distribution!

If I want to write my own feature, what are the guidelines?

Features should be in Press Release format and follow these guidelines:

The feature needs to be between 300 to 500 words.

The headline must include the company’s name and summarize the feature in a single sentence.

The feature should sound like a news story, not a sales letter. It must be neutral/informational.

Only use personal pronouns (I, me, we, our, us, you, your, etc.) in quotes.

The feature must have a specific topic, no general features are allowed.

You may include up to 5 links.

You may include up to 2 images.

Avoid bullet point lists or fragmented texts as they will not be accepted by some news outlets.

The feature needs to be in English.

Need help? Our team of experienced writers can create the perfect feature for you on our Classic and Deluxe packages.

What topic should my feature be about?

Your feature can range from many topics but you want to make sure it is a newsworthy topic.  Such as a new product or service you just launched or a general announcement of your business where you can talk about your mission and benefits.

Can I have media or URLs in my feature?

Yes! You can use one image and up to 5 links in your feature.

How many words will my feature be?

If you are writing your own press release with the ‘Premier Package’ it will need to be 300-500 words. The ‘Classic Package’ includes a 350 word press release and the ‘Deluxe Package’ is 450-500 words.


Do you guarantee publication?

Yes! We guarantee live links on 200+ newspaper, radio, and TV news sites.

Which news sites will my feature get published to?

USA Today AZcentral, Daily Herald, The Buffalo News, CBS 2 KUTV, Boston HeraldCBS WBOC, International Business Times, CBS 2 News, FOX 43, Digital Journal, NBC WRAL, American Rodeo, FOX 40, News Channel Nebraska, RFD TV, Business Insurance, FOX 28, SNN TV, NBC WRDE TV, Starkville Daily News, FOX 34, The Pilot News, Statesman Examiner, HTV 10, Daily Times Leader, Townhall Finance, 97.1 The Big Talker, WLUS FM 98.3, The Post And Mail, 95.3 WHLF FM, Cowboy Channel, New Net, Rewind 925.1041, Kolt New Country, The Wolf, Southern Sports Today, The Podcast Park, The Fan, Xtra, Country Legends, 967 WHSV, The Dan, WZFM, KMLK, My Motherlobe, Southern Rhode Island Newspaper, Sweetwater Reporter, Times Record, The Guymon Daily Herald, Antlers American, The First Dispatch, The Global Tribune, North American Report, The News Universe, Pristine Report, The Atlantic Report, Conversation Point, Live Wire Reporter, Dawn Reporter, Us And Canada Report, The News Bee, All State Journal, Glamand Fashion News, Harbinger Times, Tech News Point, Early Morning Herald, Unspoiled News, Editors Pride, News Lighthouse, Day Time Report, Discover News Line, The Sunshine Reporter, Newshawk, 4th Pillar News, Global Technology Report, The Western Tribune, East Coast Sentinel, Fat Pitch Financial, Winslow, Evans And Crocker, Business Newspaper, Best Stock Market News, Finance News World, Us Share Markets, Live News Stock Market, Share Market, Share Prices News, Us Market News Latest, Online Share Market News, Us Financial News Today, Star Tribune Business, Street Insider, Financial Content, Franklin Credit, Tamar Securities, Alaska News Desk, Columbus News, Arizona News, Delaware News Reporter, New York Chronicle, Nashville News, Carson City Headlines, Topeka Magazine, Florida News Reporter, Oregon News HeadlinePlease note that these sites are subject to change without notice, and this list may not be updated to reflect the changes immediately.

Will I be published on the main website of FOX etc?

You won't be published to the main website (for example as those are reserved for national headline news. You will be published to local affiliates such as FOX 28, FOX 43 etc which are the official sites for the TV stations. 

How long will my feature stay live on the news sites?

The time a feature stays on a website is determined by each news site, and Get Featured does not remove your press release at any time unless it violates our terms of service. Some news sites host them indefinitely and some will remove them after 2 years. But most sites will keep you feature live 60-90 days. You can always stay relevant with updated features. It’s very important to keep the press and your audience informed on your news with monthly or quarterly features. Join one of our subscription plans!

Will I be notified when my Press Release is published?

Yes! You will receive an email with a full distribution report with live links to your feature!

Will I be able to approve the feature before it's published?

Yes. The ‘Classic Package’ comes with 2 revisions and the ‘Deluxe Package’ comes with unlimited revisions!

Can I make revisions after it has been published?

Sadly no. Once the feature is live on the news sites we cannot make any edits.

Do you provide a report of what I was featured in?

Yes! You will receive a full distribution report with the 200+ live links of your feature! 


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